Foreclosure Crisis in Film: “99 Homes” vs. “It’s a Wonderful Life”

The film, ” 99 Homes” opened nationwide last weekend with a great amount of anticipation. For most of the country the foreclosure crisis has abated, but in states such as Florida and New Jersey, there are still a lot of homes in the various stages of distress. Homes where homeowners are seeking loan modifications, homes in default in foreclosure, homes up for sheriff’s sale, and  “zombie homes. ”

In the meantime, we here at the firm were thinking whether people would want to see this kind of movie, or if it hit too close to home. There are two interviews that were given by Laura Dern, that are important to watch because she discusses how she prepared for the role by being immersed in the eviction process. Ths is something we know all to well at the law firm, and why we work so hard to protect homeowners and debtors rights.

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