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Denbeaux and Denbeaux partner Joshua Denbeaux is the only attorney in New Jersey who performs in-house loan modifications. A sought-after expert who has been featured in the Huffington Post, Vice, the Star Ledger and many other publications, Mr. Denbeaux stands up for his clients in and out of the courtroom. From his work with Guantanamo Bay detainees to his vigorous defense of people facing foreclosure, Mr. Denbeaux is passionate about representing the under-represented.

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Don’t Be Bullied By The Bank

We understand how hopeless it can seem when you’re facing foreclosure and the stresses that the possibility of losing your house can cause you and your family.

Debt and the threat of losing your home is often a temporary situation, one that you could solve with the right plan. You need an advocate on your side who’s not afraid of lenders, one who will stand up for you when you’re facing foreclosure. That’s why you need Denbeaux and Denbeaux.

Keeping your home starts with a Loan Modification Strategy Session. Through a powerful combination of strategy and expertise, Joshua Denbeaux and his loan modification expert fully assess your problem and offer a guaranteed solution on how to move forward.

What Is a Loan Modification?

A loan modification is a change in your mortgage terms. Unlike a forbearance agreement—a temporary suspension of your interest rate—a loan modification is a long-term solution that could involve lowering your interest rate, extending the terms of your mortgage, a reduction in the principal balance, a substitution of a different type of loan (such as going from a variable interest rate to a fixed rate) or a combination of these.

Your Loan Modification Strategy Session

You can’t go into the loan modification process without a plan—or at least you shouldn’t. A successful loan modification begins with a Loan Modification Strategy Session with Joshua Denbeaux. It’s a three-step process. We start with a Loan Modification Strategy Session. Joshua Denbeaux and our expert loan modification advisor will meet with you to go over the terms of your mortgage and your full financial situation. Next, we’ll formulate a plan. This will include:

  • What loan modification you are entitled to and how to get that modification.
  • Whether the loan modification you are entitled to is actually right for you and if not, an alternative plan.
  • A foreclosure defense plan if you are not entitled to a loan modification.

When you come out of this Loan Modification Strategy Session, you will feel a sense of relief that comes with having a plan that you understand and feel comfortable with. Finally, it’s time to fight for your home. When you’re behind on your mortgage, banks may resort to dirty tricks to get you out. We make sure the banks play by the rules. If they’re not, we’ll make them.

The Denbeaux and Denbeaux Advantage

At Denbeaux and Denbeaux, partner Joshua Denbeaux personally conducts every Loan Modification Strategy Session. At the strategy session, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best advice from the most experienced foreclosure attorney in the state. We know the laws and regulations and we’ll know if your lender is—or isn’t—following them.

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“…I can’t begin to say enough in praise of Josh Denbeaux…These are brilliant, compassionate and honest attorneys…they see, know and define the law with amazing clarity…ANY homeowner facing foreclosure would be lucky to have them in your corner.”

– Jaquelyn D.

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Learn if you are eligible for a loan modification and what the terms will be from our expert. We will tell you who owns your loan and help you get the modification if you are eligible and can afford it.