Denbeaux and Denbeaux in the News

August 7, 2017 New Jersey Supreme Court: Lender's Can't Revise Foreclosure Mediation Accords

November 15, 2016 NJ Women's Estate Wins Battle With Mortgage Company After Death

October 28, 2016 Seen At 11: Homeowners Claim They Were Burglarized By Their Banks

June 23, 2016 Report: Some Mortgage Services Not Following Rules

November 6, 2015 "The David Pakman Show" - Josh Denbeaux Radio/Television Interview - Nov 6

September 5, 2015 - Why A Bank Was Allowed to Plunder Family Heirlooms that Escaped the Nazis

August 13, 2015 - Lawsuit: Home Containing WWII Relics 'Ransacked' in New Jersey

July 30 , 2015 Man's Precious Artifacts Survived Nazis in Europe, But Not A Bank in N.J., Lawsuit Says

July 19, 2015 The Record - Fuller Impact of Home Foreclosure Debacle its N.J.

June 5, 2015 The Hill -Congressional Efforts to Thwart CFPB and Must Be Stopped

May 6, 2015 Star-Ledger – Questions Raised on NJ Investment Tied to Payday Lender Charged with Bullying Borrowers

April 30 , 2015 NJ Spotlight - New Jersey Must Cut Links to Unscrupulous Payday-Loan Company

March 4, 2015 The Star-Ledger - The Selma March and Fascinating Story Behind an Iconic Photo

March 3, 2015 The Record - Cliffside Park homeowner's lawsuit accuses mortgage cos. of using false docs in foreclosure

February 25, 2015 - The Lawyer Who Went form Fighting for Guantánamo Bay Inmates to Going After Shady Banks

February 19, 2015 NJ Spotlight - Special Monitor OKs Procedures Used by Two of NJ’s Top Mortgage Lenders

December 15, 2014 The Daily Caller - Foreclosure Expert: New Policy To Offer Cheaper Mortgages Economically Dangerous

October 24,2014 Daily Caller - 10/24/14 -  How Wells Fargo Profited When Naive Borrowers Sued

October 14, 2014 US Finance Post  Homeowners Struggling Against Foreclosure

October 14, 2014 Post "We Hoped They Were Duped: How Prosecutors Gave Banks the 'Best' Penalty Ever."

October 14, 2014 Ring of Fire Radio Eric Holder Ruined Us.  Banks Are Profiting from DOJ Penalties

October 13,2014 Originally published in Housing Wire The Shocking Truths For Homeowners Struggling Against Foreclosure 

March 15, 2014 Newark Star-Ledger Josh Denbeaux Op-Ed Gov Christie's Team Fails to Protect NJ Homeowners Rights


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