The right choice if: You want a knowledgeable attorney who will fiercely fight for you. You want an attorney who attentively listens to what you have to say. You want an attorney who responds in a timely fashion. You want an attorney who takes their time and doesn't make you feel rushed. You want an attorney who feels personally invested in your rights. You want an attorney who's staff is knowledgeable, engaged and available. You want an attorney who views all angles and chooses the avenue with the best possible outcome. You don't want to get lost in the corporate shuffle of a large, impersonal firm. Abigail and her team at this family firm has fully invested themselves in defending my family's rights. It has been a long and arduous process. While we have not reached the finish line, I am confident that her professional skills and her personable demeanor will bring us to victory. I believe that she and her team will stay with us through this journey and we will come out on the other side victorious. Justice will be served! If you want a true partner with the skills, knowledge and desire to fight for you, I believe the choice is clear. 5.0 stars Posted by David September 13, 2017


Foreclosure Defense - Morris County

... I can't begin to say enough in praise of Josh Denbeaux... these are brilliant, compassionate and honest attorneys, operating at a higher consciousness level than many attorneys - even those whose hearts are actually in the right place, because not only are they compassionate people, they see, know and define law with amazing clarity and just seem to know the letter of said laws, inside out- they are so knowledgeable, ANY homeowner facing foreclosure would be lucky to have them in your corner. - Jacquelyn D.

J. Diamond

Foreclosure Defense

When I first met with Mr. Joshua Denbeaux I had had a few other meetings with other foreclosure  attorneys. Mr. Denbeaux was the only one who talked to me as a person, understood the mixed feelings involved and told me that first day: “Don’t worry. I’m on your side. There’s a solution”. Mr. Denbeaux and Mr. Deutsch had been working on my case for many months now obtaining very successful outcomes. They are very knowledgeable and innovative in their approach. They know how to turn the table on the lenders, and appropriately so. The firm of Denbeaux and Denbeaux has helped me beyond all expectations and I don’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone facing foreclosure. - J. Torres

J. Torres

Foreclosure Defense