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Date: March 31, 2018Author: Denbeaux & Denbeaux

The Hourly Income You Need To Afford Rent Around The U.S.

Housing and Affordable Rent Is Out of Reach Millions of Americans struggle to find affordable rentals. In order to afford...

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Date: July 12, 2016Author: Denbeaux & Denbeaux

July 12th News of the Week HUD Accountability Hearing

HUD Accountability Hearing, Full House Financial Services Committee Hearing, Wednesday, July 13, 10 a.m EST Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), Chairman...

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Date: February 24, 2016Author: Denbeaux & Denbeaux

New Jersey Still Leads Nation in Foreclosures

Based on data supplied by RealtyTrac, for the first month of 2016, January, New Jersey leads the nation in foreclosures....

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Date: November 20, 2015Author: Denbeaux & Denbeaux

Mortgage lender HSBC may have tried to hide $190,000 Sandy insurance check

Judge to mortgage lenders: no double-dipping on Sandy foreclosures Insurance money received by mortgage lender has to be disclosed before a property...

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Date: November 19, 2015Author: Denbeaux & Denbeaux

Judge to mortgage lenders: no double-dipping on Sandy foreclosures

Judge to mortgage lenders: no double-dipping on Sandy foreclosures A home in Keansburg heavily damaged by superstorm Sandy. (Photo courtesy...

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Date: October 20, 2015Author: Denbeaux & Denbeaux

Poor Loan Servicing Reason for NJ Leading Nation in Foreclosures

NJ Leads Nation in Foreclosures Due to Poor Loan Servicing NJ law firm Denbeaux & Denbeaux says continued mortgage-servicing problems,...

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Date: October 7, 2015Author: Denbeaux & Denbeaux

NJ Borrowers Leave 96% of Foreclosures Uncontested

NJ Borrowers Leave 96% of Foreclosures Uncontested “99 Homes” dramatizes what happens in the eviction and foreclosure process in Florida....

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Date: September 22, 2015Author: Denbeaux & Denbeaux

NJ Foreclosure, Housing, Finance and Consumer News of the Day 9/22/15

News of the day relating to foreclosure, housing and finance impacting NJ homeowners and consumers as selected by the law firm...

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Date: September 21, 2015Author: Denbeaux & Denbeaux

Foreclosures Help Real Estate Companies Profit with Rising Rents

Two big real estate moguls will merge because they believe there will be greater profits from rentals, and that rising...

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Date: April 29, 2015Author: Denbeaux & Denbeaux

Homeownership rate lowest in 25 years according to Case-Shiller report

The home ownership rate fell to the lowest level, in twenty-five years and much of it has to do with...

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