Why Contact Us for a Consultation

There is a difference between giving out information and advice. We share knowledge rather than just information so that you can make an intelligent decision about your case.

Your situation is unique to you and has to be evaluated on those terms. The reason we can't answer some of the questions you have, (on Facebook for example), is that we don't have the level of detail about your situation necessary to guide you properly.

We have to have a Client - Attorney relationship which is for your (as well as our) protection. That relationship allows us to give you advice that we could not otherwise provide.

When we ask you to send over documents and paperwork before meeting that is to save you time and give us a gauge of what knowledge and advice to share with you. The goal for all people who come to meet with us is to get you to a better place than before you called us.

You don't have to choose us as your attorney after you meet with us. We hope that you do because we feel that we do a better job than other attorneys in this area of law. 

To speak with me, please call 201-664-8855 to set up an appointment for a free initial consultation. If you want to send an email first, send it to [email protected]