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If you are a New Jersey resident living in Warren County facing a foreclosure of your home and looking for foreclosure defense, then look no further. The foreclosure attorneys of Denbeaux & Denbeaux Law represent homeowners going through foreclosure in Warren County. 

The foreclosure process can be long and difficult to navigate without the proper help. Banks and mortgage servicers are notorious for making mistakes that violate the law and your rights. Unfortunately, these violations often get swept under the rug. By taking the right steps and with the right legal representation, you can protect your home and your rights.

Our foreclosure defense and loan modification attorney Joshua Denbeaux takes a holistic approach to foreclosure defense to help protect your homeowner rights. We have helped clients obtain mortgage modifications, dismissals of foreclosure actions, cash for keys settlement offers, and develop both long and short term budgets to achieve financial health. Homeowners interested in taking the next step should contact us today for a free initial consultation. 

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Cities And Municipalities In Warren County

  • Allamuchy
  • Alpha
  • Belvidere
  • Blairstown
  • Franklin
  • Frelinghuysen
  • Greenwich
  • Hackettstown
  • Hardwick
  • Harmony
  • Hope
  • Independence
  • Knowlton
  • Liberty
  • Lopatcong
  • Mansfield
  • Oxford
  • Phillipsburg
  • Pohatcong
  • Washington borough
  • Washington township
  • White

How Does The Warren County Foreclosure Process Work?

In Warren County, the foreclosure process is prosecuted by attorneys and goes before a judge. The process begins when you default on your mortgage loan payments. Your servicer will send you a Complaint or Notice of Intent (NOI) to foreclose on your property. Homeowners have many options from there to delay or stop the foreclosure but the first thing homeowners should do is answer the initial Complaint. Just by answering the Complaint, you usually guarantee yourself more time in your home.

The New Jersey process is not always in favor of people who are at risk of losing their home, sometimes resulting in cutting corners and rushed resolutions. This means you and your family could be at risk of losing your home without the proper legal defense. At Denbeaux & Denbeaux Law, we explore everyone’s unique situation and help you decide the best course of action.  

Common Mortgage Lenders With A History Of Pursuing Foreclosures

  • Mr. Cooper
  • Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing
  • Nationstar Mortgage
  • PNC Bank
  • PHH Mortgage
  • Carrington Mortgage Services
  • SPS (Select Portfolio Servicing)
  • SLS (Specialized Loan Servicing)
  • Fay Servicing
  • Wells Fargo
  • Bank of America
  • Rushmore (Technical Rushmore Loan Management Services)
  • Flagstar Bank
  • Kondaur Capital
  • BSI Financial, Inc.
  • PennyMac Loan Services
  • Freedom Mortgage

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We offer free initial consultations to learn about your options for debt defense. If you’ve been sued for a debt contact us for a free case evaluation and to talk to our debt defense attorney, Josh Denbeaux.

What Are My Options For Stopping A Warren County Foreclosure

Homeowners have many rights to defend against foreclosure. Those rights give you the chance to protect you and your family from the possibility of a foreclosure, especially if violations are made by the mortgage servicer. 

As a New Jersey homeowner going through foreclosure in Warren County, it’s important that you know all your rights and understand what options you have that could help delay or stop foreclosure on your home.

1. Fight the foreclosure

Mortgage servicers may have made mistakes when servicing your mortgage, like not applying payments correctly, or may have made other violations of your homeowner rights. If this has happened to you, which you may not even know if it has, you are able to fight the foreclosure. However, it often takes working with an experienced foreclosure attorney to find these violations and hold your bank or mortgage company accountable.

2. Pay off the entire mortgage loan

Paying off your mortgage loan will bring your loan current which means you don’t owe anything else on your home. If you don’t owe anything else on your mortgage loan, mortgage servicers cannot foreclose on your home. 

3. Get up-to-date on mortgage payments

Getting up-to-date on your mortgage loan will stop the foreclosure process as long as the homeowner is able to keep making payments. If you get up-to-date on your mortgage loan, but continue to not pay your mortgage, you may need to consider a loan modification.

4. Get a loan modification

A loan modification modifies the mortgage loan that you owe to your mortgage lender. Loan modifications could look like splitting up payments into smaller amounts or giving you more time to pay the loan off.

5. Sell your home in a short sale

Properties under foreclosure can still be sold prior to the sheriff’s sale. Selling your home at the right price and within the right time frame can pay off your loan and stop foreclosure. 

Our Warren County NJ Foreclosure Practice Covers:

  • Foreclosure mediation
  • Short sales
  • Negotiating mortgage loan modifications
  • Negotiating forbearance agreements
  • Loss mitigation
  • Motions to vacate sheriff sales
  • Motions to vacate final judgments in foreclosure

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Work With A Trusted NJ Foreclosure Defense Attorney In Warren County

Working with the foreclosure attorneys at Denbeaux & Denbeaux Law gives you access to professional expertise and experience that you can’t get anywhere else. We know that the foreclosure process can be hard enough on its own, and finding the right foreclosure defense lawyer for your case can be even harder. The law firm of Denbeaux & Denbeaux wants to make it easier for you.

Our foreclosure attorneys are ready to assist homeowners going through foreclosure. Contact us today for a free initial consultation to learn more about how working with Denbeaux & Denbeaux can help you fight foreclosure in Warren County and save your home.

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