HAMP Eligibility Ends December 30, 2016‎

Joshua Denbeaux, Esq.

Joshua Denbeaux, Esq.

With the end of HAMP we are coming to the end of an era.  If you are struggling to pay your mortgage or have defaulted on your mortgage and your loan is owned or serviced by a bank that took federal money through TARP you must not let the opportunity to seek a modification under the Home Affordable Modification Program or HAMP pass you by.  The deadline to submit an application is Friday December 30, 2016. I have seen first hand this program change lives and help families.  To be considered, your application does not need to be complete with all documentation submitted, but you do need to have the process started before the end of the year.  Find out what must be submitted by clicking this link.


-116Days -19Hours -37Minutes -23Seconds

If you submit your HAMP application before the deadline make sure to keep a record of all documents submitted, and how you submitted them.  If you are sending your application by mail, pay to have it tracked so you can confirm receipt.  Unfortunately, some loan servicers purposefully deny loan modifications under false pretenses, claiming the application was filed late, incomplete or that it was never received.  When this happens, it is your record keeping that can make the difference in obtaining relief. 

Denbeaux & Denbeaux are specialized experts in utilizing federal laws that govern the servicing, ownership, and modifying of mortgage loans.  Bankruptcy, is probably not the best solution although we hear too often from homeowners who are lead to believe their only choice is to make the drastic decision to file a bankruptcy.  Without using bankruptcy we have obtained Court Orders in New Jersey Federal Court highlighting the wrongful behavior of banks in reviewing homeowners for loan modifications (Block v. Seneca).   Denbeaux & Denbeaux uses its knowledge of the federal courts and federal law to take foreclosure fights out of state court, resulting in loan modifications and monetary awards.  Even if you have lost your home, we may be able to get you relief.

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