Foreclosure Process in New Jersey

New Jersey Foreclosure Process 2023

Learn the basics of the foreclosure process in New Jersey in this downloadable infographic that explains the process, timelines, and how your homeowner’s rights work in the process. While your unique situation may be different, this is a good guide to help you understand the basics of how foreclosure works in New Jersey.

Foreclosure Guide 2023

Download our guide on the foreclosure process and strategies to stop or postpone foreclosure on your home in New Jersey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about how foreclosure works and what your options are as a homeowner? Review frequently asked questions about the foreclosure process, bankruptcy, and loan modifications.

Which NJ Counties are Open for Foreclosure Sales

Not all counties in New Jersey are currently hearing foreclosure cases, meaning that you may have more time to stop or prevent foreclosure on your property. Read more about which counties in New Jersey are open for foreclosure and updates about the New Jersey court system.