Foreclosure Evaluation Consultation

Joshua Denbeaux, Esq.

Joshua Denbeaux, Esq., Managing Partner

We are unique because unlike other attorneys in NJ, we have recognized that the work of foreclosure defense has changed in NJ over the past couple of years.

We have found success for our clients by leveraging the federal courts when we discover, in the course of foreclosure litigation, a violation of federal law.

The violations are fairly common but it takes an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer who can find the violation turn the tables on the bank. 

If you are behind on payments and need a specific strategy for your specific situation and headed towards foreclosure, you need to call us sooner rather than later for the best outcome. 

Family Law Evaluation Consultation

Abigail Kahl, Esq.

Abigail Kahl, Esq, Senior Counsel.

Mrs. Kahl graduated with High Honors from Duke University School of Law, clerked for Chief Judge John W. Bissell in New Jersey Federal District Court in Newark and practiced criminal defense law and employment litigation before coming to Denbeaux & Denbeaux’s litigation department in 2011.  She has also been named a Super Lawyers “Rising Star.”

“My Mom said that she did not tolerate bullies.” adds Mrs. Kahl. “Although she was a small in stature she made up for it with a fierceness and quiet determination that would often win the day.  We plan to honor her by continuing to fight for our clients in every aspect of their lives.”

Financial Consumer Rights Consultation

Adam Deutsch, Esq., "Proposed rules from the CFPB are a great start, but should be strengthened even more."

Adam Deutsch, Esq.

We have a Consumer Financial Rights practice that represents people who have been abused by debt collectors, bank, loan servicers and retailors including auto sales companies.  We invoke the key federal statutes (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, Truth in Lending Act).  Using these statutes we have been able to get material results for our clients and develop leverage where none previously existed.  The CFPB has enforcement power on these statutes, but frankly they can't go pursuing each violation and when they do the trickle-down effect is small to the consumer.  These statutes all have private rights of action that lets our clients be the enforcers. 

Family Law Evaluation Consultation

Nick Stratton Esq., Managing Associate

Nick Stratton Esq., Managing Associate

Mr. Stratton is a graduate of Seton Hall Law and has quickly risen through the ranks at Denbeaux & Denbeaux. Since 2013, Mr. Stratton has been the Managing Associate at the firm and led the firm’s foreclosure defense team before transitioning his practice to family law.

The Denbeaux team handles an array of family related cases including divorce, estate planning, custody disputes, domestic violence actions and real estate matters. “Our goal is work to ensure that the client end the representation in a better position than when they retained the firm.  It is important to us that by the end of the representation the client is in a financial and emotional place so that they can successfully move on with their lives,” said the late Mrs. Denbeaux.

“More than anything, Marcia helped people and families who needed help and I want to continue that tradition.  I am a zealous advocate for people’s best interest and I will do everything in my power to leave them in a better place than when they met me,” reflects Mr. Stratton.