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Loan Modification

Loan Modification

Through a powerful combination of strategy and experience, Joshua Denbeaux and his loan modification advisors assess your problem and offer a guaranteed solution on how to move forward.

Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure Defense

Homeowners have rights in a foreclosure, and with the help of Denbeaux & Denbeaux you may be able to postpone or prevent the foreclosure of your home.

Debt Collection

Debt Collections

You have rights when a debt is being collected against you and we work to make sure those rights are upheld. Learn how we help clients protect their rights in debt collections.



Bankruptcy is a tool in the foreclosure toolbox. Our team will help you figure out if and when bankruptcy is an appropriate course of action for your specific situation.

Partners at Denbeaux & Denbeaux

  • When I first met with Mr. Joshua Denbeaux I had had a few other meetings with other foreclosure attorneys. Mr. Denbeaux was the only one who talked to me as a person, understood the mixed feelings involved and told me that first day: “Don’t worry. I’m on your side. There’s a solution”. Mr. Denbeaux had been working on my case for many months now obtaining very successful outcomes. They are very knowledgeable and innovative in their approach. They know how to turn the table on the lenders, and appropriately so. The firm of Denbeaux and Denbeaux has helped me beyond all expectations and I don’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone facing foreclosure.

    J. Torres
    Foreclosure Defense
  • I am impressed and satisfied with the service provided by Attorney Joshua Denbeaux, in my debt resolution case with Pressler Felt & Warshaw, LLC. I believe that due to your experience and dedication to providing your clients with the best service, you reached a resolution that I agreed with. I therefore hesitate not in recommending your service to anyone who may need your service in this capacity.

    Lawrence Olaniyi
    Debt Collection
  • We had been dealing with a debt collector trying to garnish an exempt income and was struggling to figure out what to do. After searching for information on this we found Denbeaux & Denbeaux’s website which had a lot of information about fair collection laws and the particular Law firm that was harassing us. Afterward we got into contact with Josh Denbeaux. From the start of our conversation on the phone Josh was very kind, down to earth and passionate about helping people like us in this situation. Josh immediately gave us so much advice before he was officially representing us. He was easy to talk to, responsive and patient with all of our questions. If you are looking for a Law Firm to assist with debt collections Denbeaux & Denbeaux is an excellent choice!

    J & K Reed
    Debt Collection
  • I can’t begin to say enough in praise of Josh Denbeaux… these are brilliant, compassionate and honest attorneys, operating at a higher consciousness level than many attorneys – even those whose hearts are actually in the right place, because not only are they compassionate people, they see, know and define law with amazing clarity and just seem to know the letter of said laws, inside out- they are so knowledgeable, ANY homeowner facing foreclosure would be lucky to have them in your corner.

    J. Diamond
    Foreclosure Defense Client

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We are a leading New Jersey foreclosure defense firm with a team of experienced professionals that have dedicated their lives to helping people.

My clients have come to me in various states of emotional and financial distress. They are frozen with the fear of maybe losing their home, uncertainty about the future, and doubts about trusting a lawyer to help them with what little money they have left. My goal is to educate homeowners about the law and their rights so they can protect themselves and have better outcomes. In my 12 years of foreclosure defense, I’ve met with hundreds of homeowners to help them realize that their world is not coming to an end. I live for that moment. Because in that moment I know I’ve made a difference in another human being’s life.

Attorney Josh Denbeaux
Learn how foreclosures work in New Jersey

Foreclosure Resources

Foreclosure Process in New Jersey

New Jersey Foreclosure Process 2023

Learn the basics of the foreclosure process in New Jersey in this downloadable infographic that explains the process, timelines, and how your homeowner’s rights work in the process. While your unique situation may be different, this is a good guide to help you understand the basics of how foreclosure works in New Jersey.
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Foreclosure Guide 2023

Download our guide on the foreclosure process and strategies to stop or postpone foreclosure on your home in New Jersey.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about how foreclosure works and what your options are as a homeowner? Review frequently asked questions about the foreclosure process, bankruptcy, and loan modifications.
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Which NJ Counties are Open for Foreclosure Sales

Not all counties in New Jersey are currently hearing foreclosure cases, meaning that you may have more time to stop or prevent foreclosure on your property. Read more about which counties in New Jersey are open for foreclosure and updates about the New Jersey court system.
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