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The Denbeaux & Denbeaux Approach to Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is American. It is a right built in the basic fabric of system of laws and business to encourage creativity, ingenuity and risk taking … it is a main driver of why American small business is as vibrant as any small business system anywhere else in the world.

It is a right to a fresh start belonging to every American, no matter your political affiliation, race, gender, creed or national origin. It is egalitarian and it is smart business … and smart for the country.

That said, there are times when bankruptcy is NOT your best option in times of stress and financial difficulty. Indeed, in most times of stress and financial difficulty bankruptcy is available but best not utilized.

There are hundreds of bankruptcy attorneys throughout the State who do not want me saying this, but bankruptcy is an excellent option … sometimes. And sometimes it is best to pursue legal rights outside of bankruptcy, and sometimes bankruptcy is a great idea … and to then pursue legal rights by litigating inside bankruptcy court.

Rather than provide bankruptcy services ourselves, we team up with the best of the bankruptcy attorneys in New Jersey on cases in which bankruptcy is a useful tool.

This is a nuanced and complex area of the law. There are absolutely excellent bankruptcy attorneys in New Jersey, and there are also bankruptcy attorneys throughout the State who steer consumers to bankruptcy … because that is the only service that their firm offers.

If the only tool in your toolbox is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

Beware of working with bankruptcy firms who reach out and offer only bankruptcy services. That is an incomplete answer to the complex problems facing people today.

Find the Answers to your financial problems, and expect bankruptcy to be part of those answers … not the solution itself.

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