Beware of Debt Collectors Going After Your CARES Act Payment

Americans desperately need the CARES Act payments for food, rent, utilities & healthcare. Debt collectors could grab the money. Congress forgot to add an exemption to these funds the way they do for other public disbursements such as Medicare. Protect your money from the debt collection industry.

Denbeaux & Denbeaux has teamed up teaming up with the Law Offices of Ira Metrick and Dann Law to try to get a judicial solution in place BEFORE people’s payments start coming in.

We just published this OpED, Omissions and Mistakes in the CARES Act, in the New Jersey Law Journal and we’re currently trying to raise awareness to encourage our government to act!

The National Consumer Law Center, NCLC put out a call to action in an email campaign today and we’d like to encourage YOU to participate too by tweeting the following!

TWEET: [[email protected] governor] must act now to #ProtectConsumers and stop debt collectors from seizing stimulus payments that families need for FOOD! #StimulusChecks #FairDebtCollection #COVID-19Pandemic #COVID-19 #StimulusPlan

Don’t know your governor’s twitter handle? Look it up here.

Please stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted on the latest on what you can do to protect yourself and how you can help!

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