Three Things You Must Do To Protect Your Home and Yourself in 2021

Three Things You Must Do To Protect Your Home and Yourself in 2021

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Date: December 14, 2020Author: Denbeaux & Denbeaux

The three things you must do to protect yourself and your home in 2021

Foreclosure Process InfographicAs I have already explained in a separate blog explaining the federal foreclosure moratorium and how it was being implemented by the three types of mortgage servicers, foreclosures are going to restart in 2021.


If you have not taken advantage of your CARES Act forbearance soon, you will lose your chance at the end of the year. Read “The CARES Act Can Save Your Home Even if Your House is Up For Sale” to learn more.


← The foreclosure process in New Jersey is set out in this infographic. I highly recommend you review it before deciding on your strategy. I have a brief Youtube video you might find helpful, too.



How to Protect Your Home:

Whether you have missed the CARES Act forbearance, or you were not eligible for it … or for any other reason that you are exposed to a foreclosure filing in 2021, these are three steps you can do to protect yourself:


First – Answer The Complaint

If you are served with a foreclosure complaint. ANSWER THE COMPLAINT! I have blogged and done multiple videos about this, too many to link here. The point is, do not be part of the 90%+ statistic of people who do not Answer a foreclosure complaint. You have to engage and fight back. ALL else is madness.

I have already posted clear and detailed instructions on how to Answer the Foreclosure Complaint:


Second – Only work with In State Attorneys

Do NOT do business with out of state ‘modification companies’ or in-state non-attorneys. Do not do business with people that are not attorneys and who take money up front for any sort of assistance. All are frauds, and you will suffer by having done business with them. Guaranteed.


Third – Talk to a Professional.

Educate yourself as to when to file for your modification or file for bankruptcy. The best way to educate yourself about this is talk to a professional.

BEWARE – Anyone who tells you that the best option is ALWAYS to file for a loan modification or file bankruptcy AS SOON AS POSSIBLE no matter what is either wrong or a liar. Loan modification and bankruptcy are each a powerful tool to use to fight the bank foreclosure, but they are often misused. Pay attention to your right and the best way to utilize that right.


I have put together a 23 minute video explaining the New Jersey foreclosure process and walking people through step by step on how:

  1. The system works,
  2. How you can use the system to help yourself,
  3. How best to use bankruptcy filings,
  4. And how to use right to apply for modification of your mortgage loan.

This is very detailed, soup to nuts analysis of the best way to protect yourself and your home.


The above three steps will save you time, will save you money and might just save your home.


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