Do I Need A Mortgage Foreclosure Defense Attorney?

If you have received a Notice of Intent to foreclose or are already facing foreclosure then you’re probably wondering if you need a lawyer for foreclosure defense. While you can of course try to deal with your mortgage servicer and bank on your own, an experienced mortgage foreclosure attorney can greatly relieve the stress of doing it by yourself and help you navigate the process more effectively. 

You can read article after article online about what you should do to stop foreclosure on your home. None of those articles can compete with the personalized advice or assistance you get from working with a foreclosure defense lawyer.

At Denbeaux & Denbeaux Law, our foreclosure attorneys’ main priority is making sure homeowners going through foreclosure get the help they need. We strive to guide homeowners through the foreclosure process with ease and towards the best outcome possible. 

What Is A Foreclosure Attorney?

A foreclosure defense attorney is essentially a lawyer that helps homeowners going through the foreclosure process. They assist with the legal proceedings of foreclosures, like answering the Notice of Intent to foreclose, negotiating with the mortgage company for a loan modification, investigating whether there have been homeowner right violations, defending homeowners in court, and more.

Homeowners interested in working with a foreclosure attorney should start by figuring out which attorney you want to be represented by. Denbeaux & Denbeaux Law offers a free initial mortgage defense consultation where you can figure out if we are the right fit for you and your case. 

During this free consultation, homeowners can also ask questions and address concerns they may have about the foreclosure process and working with a foreclosure attorney.

How A Foreclosure Attorney Can Help You

Still having concerns about whether or not you need a foreclosure attorney? Your concerns are valid and we want to do our best to show how an attorney can actually help. Foreclosure defense attorneys assist homeowners going through foreclosure by:

  • Answering all of your questions about foreclosure
  • Explaining the foreclosure process so you don’t have to figure it out yourself
  • Guiding you through the process so you don’t have have to go through it alone
  • Ensuring foreclosure paperwork is correct and timelines are met
  • Making sure your homeowner rights are protected and upheld
  • Holding servicers and banks accountable for mistakes and errors in the process

Homeowners are allowed to proceed pro se, meaning they defend themselves in court, but we know how hard that can be for someone who isn’t familiar with foreclosures. By going through the foreclosure process alone you are dedicating yourself to a battle that requires time, energy, and the right resources in order to be successful on top of learning the process. You also risk the chance of missing valuable information that could stop the foreclosure process altogether by going it alone.

These mistakes can be avoided through the assistance of an experienced foreclosure defense lawyer. Can an attorney stop a foreclosure? Not necessarily, but they’re the ones that have the knowledge, time, energy, and resources to help your case and make sure your homeowner rights are protected.

Work With A Foreclosure Attorney Today

Instead of listening to the internet about what you could do, hiring a foreclosure defense attorney to prepare you for and help you through the foreclosure process may be a better option for you and your case. Working with a foreclosure lawyer gives you access to professional expertise and experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

We know that the foreclosure process can be hard enough on its own, and finding the right foreclosure attorney for your case can be even harder. The law firm of Denbeaux & Denbeaux wants to make it easier for you.

Our foreclosure defense attorneys are ready to assist homeowners going through foreclosure. Contact us today for a free phone consultation to learn more about how working with an experienced foreclosure attorney like Joshua Denbeaux can help you.

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