How Much Does A Debt Collection Attorney Cost?

Being sued by a debt collector can be a difficult and nerve-wracking process. Working with a debt collection defense lawyer can help take the pressure off of you to make the process much easier and less stressful. 

But hiring an attorney for debt defense comes with additional costs, so many people choose not to hire one. Every year, people are wrongfully sued by debt collectors simply because they’re scared of the cost to hire a defense lawyer, even if they’ve done nothing wrong and don’t owe the debt.

You can hire a debt collection defense lawyer, but how much will that actually cost? If you’re facing a debt collection lawsuit, understanding what you can expect to pay and what a debt collection defense attorney costs is an important step.

Josh Denbeaux is a debt collection defense attorney that has helped clients with reasonable, affordable fees. The best way to find out what your case may cost is to contact our firm for a free initial consultation where we can talk about overall costs to represent you in a debt collection defense case.

Attorney Fee Structures For Debt Defense

If this is your first time dealing with debt collectors then you’re probably wondering how much a debt defense lawyer costs. Knowing costs and fee structures will help you understand how much you could spend on a debt defense lawyer but the total costs can vary depending on the complexity of your case and the outcome. 

Debt defense lawyer fees can vary depending on the factors of your particular situation and the way that fees are structured for that attorney. Figure out which fee structure works best for you and how much you are willing to pay so you can find the right attorney for you and your case. 

In general, there are three main fee structures that attorneys charge for debt collection defense:

  1. Hourly Rate – Attorneys may charge a fee based on the number of hours they work on your case. Typically you’ll pay an upfront retainer fee that goes into a special bank account the attorney charges his or her time against to be paid.
  2. Flat Rate – Attorneys may charge a flat, upfront fee for debt defense. The fee is usually based on the complexity of your case.
  3. Contingent – Attorneys may not charge you anything up front to take your case but instead are paid on a contingent basis based on the results of your case. If you win an award against the debt collector, the attorney takes a certain percentage of that award when you’re paid by the court system.

Attorneys may also charge using a combination of these types of fee structures for different parts of your case. For example, if you have a debt you want to fight but the debt collector also violated your rights when trying to collect that debt, your attorney may charge a flat fee plus take a contingent portion of the violation award.

Talking with the attorney you’re thinking about hiring about how they charge and what happens in different scenarios can help you make a more informed choice about the total costs of hiring a debt collection defense attorney.

What To Look For When Hiring A Debt Defense Attorney

Hiring a debt collection defense attorney is actually more affordable than you think and the outcome is often well worth the cost of getting professional help for your debt collection lawsuit. 

Before hiring an attorney though, you should make sure that what they offer is worth what you’ll be paying. Not every lawyer will have the expertise or know-how to efficiently handle your lawsuit. Here are some things you should consider before hiring a lawyer for your debt defense:

1. How much do they know about debt collection?

Just because you can hire an attorney, doesn’t mean you should hire any attorney you can find. An experienced debt collection defense attorney will likely have knowledge on debt collection and will be better prepared to help your case than a lawyer with no experience with debt defense. When you meet with a potential attorney to help your case, ask them how long they have been working on cases like yours and how many clients they have helped.

2. Do you trust them?

Going through a debt collection lawsuit is hard enough as it is and having to find someone you trust enough to help you and your lawsuit can be an even tougher decision to make. Make sure when hiring an attorney that you like their character, feel comfortable with them, and trust them wholeheartedly. Your debt defense lawyer is going to be very involved in your lawsuit and your life, so make sure you trust them and feel completely comfortable leaving your case in their hands. 

3. Can they explain the process in a way you understand?

When you hire an attorney to help defend you against a debt, it can be confusing what steps you’ll need to take, what documentation you need to gather, and how the process works. Can the attorney explain the process to you in a way you understand? If they’re not great at communicating with you during your initial consultation, it may be a bad fit for you to get through the process of defending yourself against a debt. 

Work With The Debt Collection Attorneys At Denbeaux Law

Finding an attorney can be a hard and meticulous process, especially when you are dedicated to finding the best debt collection attorney for your case. At Denbeaux & Denbeaux Law, we make finding a debt collection attorney easy. Joshua Denbeaux is an experienced debt collection attorney that is ready to fight for his clients’ rights. 
Contact us today for a free consultation and learn what the costs of a debt collection defense look like in your situation.

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