Three Sneaky Foreclosure Tricks of Loan Servicers

The best time to get a consultation for foreclosure prevention is before you miss a mortgage payment.

Many homeowners have told us that it is matter of pride that they maintain control of the situation. However, while they think that they have the situation under control, the loan servicer can be moving them closer and closer to foreclosure and eviction without them even knowing it.

When the third mortgage payment is missed it will trigger default and begin the foreclosure process.

Here are three ways that homeowners may be mislead :

  1. Told to miss payments. The loan servicer says to miss payments and go into default to a get a modification.
  2. Trial modification gone wrong. The loan servicer loses the application, payments, or breaches the final modification agreement.
  3. Dual tracking the homeowner. Dual tracking is when the loan servicer is simultaneously processing your loan modification and pushing forward the foreclosure process.

Here are the three warning signs that you need to take action by calling a foreclosure defense attorney:

  1. You are falling behind in payments and the loan servicing company is giving you false or misleading information about what you can do to save your home.
  2. You have applied for a loan modification and you are getting foreclosure notices at the same time from the loan servicing company.
  3. Your loan servicer outright lied to you about stopping the foreclosure while your loan modification application was being reviewed.

Always deal from a position of strength, rather than weakness, and make financial decisions based on facts that than emotion.

We have found that every foreclosure case is unique and every family situation is unique. Denbeaux and Denbeaux has handled thousands of foreclosure cases in New Jersey with most of the loan servicers, banks and attorneys who represent them. We know what violations to look for in both state and federal statutes. In your free consultation we will review your documents and tell you what your options are, what strategies can be used and what the consequences and likely outcomes will be. You will feel more in control because you will be dealing from a position of strength with the facts.

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