What to Do When In Foreclosure

These are five areas that you should focus on for best outcomes if in foreclosure: communication, document management, records, time and finance management.

  1. Communication – It is imperative that you communicate with your lawyer. Often times nothing will happen with your case for weeks on end.  However, if you ever want an update on where your case stands, you should not hesitate to reach out to the firm.  Equally important is to be responsive when the firm reaches out to you.  There may be instances during the litigation where we need a prompt response from you in order to advocate on your behalf.  Non-communication could cause irreparable harm to your case.
  2. Document management – You should provide every letter, notice, communication you receive from your lender or servicer to your lawyer. Often times it will be meaningless, but you should let your lawyer make that call.
  3. Records – Keep good notes about everything that happens in regard to your loan; who you spoke to, when, and about what. Again, it may ultimately be irrelevant, but it may also be the key to a valid defense to the foreclosure – let your lawyer decide.
  4. Time Management – Don’t procrastinate. Sticking your head in the sand is the easiest way to lose your rights.
  5. Finance Management – While the foreclosure action is progressing, you will not be actively paying your mortgage. You should use this opportunity to save the money you would otherwise be paying to your lender and begin to repair your finances.

When you retain Denbeaux & Denbeaux, you are retaining a team of individuals as advocates for your cause. In your foreclosure matter, that team is led by Joshua Denbeaux. Joshua will be primarily responsible for your case and will at all times be kept abreast of your litigation. Day to day, your case will be managed by one or more associate attorneys. Those attorneys will work together, with the assistance of our talented support staff, to advocate on your behalf.

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