How Do Mortgage Foreclosure Surplus Funds Work?

Going through foreclosure and worrying about losing your home can be highly stressful. If you’ve received a final judgment in your foreclosure and a pending foreclosure sale, you may be left wondering what that means for your financial situation. Mortgage surplus funds are a way that you may still be able to get money from…

How To Find Out If A House Is In Foreclosure

Struggling to make mortgage payments can be stressful, especially if you’re already behind on mortgage payments. Worrying about the foreclosure status of your home and if you’re about to lose your home can add to that stress.  If you’re worried about your home being foreclosed on, it’s a good idea to contact an attorney for…

Can A Homeowner’s Association Foreclose?

Dealing with an HOA be especially difficult if they’re threatening you with an HOA foreclosure. It’s important for homeowners to know that some HOAs can force a foreclosure if you’re behind on your HOA fees. While an HOA foreclosure depends on the specific rules of your HOA, it is common for HOAs to be able to foreclose on properties.

How Long Does A Foreclosure Stay On Your Credit Report?

If you are at risk of foreclosure, there are options that can help you avoid foreclosure. Not only will avoiding foreclosure help you stay in your home, but it will also help your credit score stay higher by avoiding having a foreclosure on your credit report. An attorney can work with you to help you explore options to prevent foreclosure.

What Is A Lis Pendens In A New Jersey Foreclosure?

Going through a foreclosure can be extremely overwhelming. There are so many specific timelines and small details that need to be considered, including new terms you may not know. You may be asking what a lis pendens is and what it means if you’re facing foreclosure. If you’ve never dealt with foreclosure before, it can…


Can Filing For Bankruptcy Stop A Foreclosure?

Declaring bankruptcy to avoid foreclosure is a popular topic, but you should be wary of it. Bankruptcy is a legal process involving your debt that can have a lot of long-term negative consequences. If you’re looking to find out if bankruptcy will stop foreclosure, you may want to consider all of your options before you decide to file for bankruptcy.