How Do I Know if I Have a Claim to Sue Pressler and Pressler?

If you feel that you have a claim against Pressler we will need certain information from you preferably before we actually speak:

  1. all documents you have received from Pressler;
  2. if Pressler sued you, the docket number of the complaint;
  3. a description of your situation and Pressler’s conduct in trying to collect the debt.
  4. Send this info to [email protected] and put Pressler Case – and your last name in the Subject line.

Is this A Class Action Suit?

No. We are not engaged in a class action and we are certainly not defending a class against Pressler. We are pursuing individual claims arising out of bad faith collection practices by Pressler and/or its client(s).

Are all lawsuits by Pressler fraudulent?

No. That said,in 2014, Pressler obtained over 50,000 judgments in New Jersey Courts.  It is clear from the recent finding by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that Pressler is less than careful when it comes to collecting money.  Please get us all communications you still have from Pressler and the docket number of the suit that Pressler filed against you.

How Do I Know if I Have a Claim Against Pressler?

You might have a claim.  In order for us to review your case, we will need your addressthe docket number of the complaint filed by Pressler and as much of the communication you sent to and received from Pressler as you saved.

What is the DEBT was more than six years old?

Please reach out to my firm right away.  The statute of limitations on most debts is only six years.  If they collected on a debt that was more than 20 years old, their attempts to collect the debt may violate federal law.

What if there is an Existing Judgement?

Existing judgments might be actionable. In order to determine whether the existing judgment in your credit report is inaccurate, we need to see that you did satisfy the judgment and that it still appears on your credit report. You should contact us so we can guide you as to best how to do this.

Please let us know if you receive any other communications from Pressler or any other collection outfit and we will review your potential case at that time

In the future, no matter what happens with this potential claim, please keep careful track of all documents you receive from any debt collector.

What is Pressler is harassing me on the phone or with letters related to collecting a debt?

Harassment by any means violates federal law.  If Pressler harassed you, or is still harassing you, then you likely have a claim for anything that happened within the last 12 months. What records of these communications have you kept? It is strongly advised that you retain all records from all collection companies.Please give my office a call and get us your communications to and from Pressler.

Is Pressler actively Garnishing wages or Paid a Judgement on a Debt that was old or not owed?

We are interested in speaking with you about your possible claim.  Please be able to get us certain information when we speak, including: your contact information, the docket numbers of all suits that Pressler has filed against you and any documentation to or from Pressler that you have kept.

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